A x B = ?


While attending a social media workshop this past weekend, the word “product” came up several times as the message was geared towards small business owners. At the beginning of the session, the instructor advised us to work with the ideas presented and fit them into our own personal situation. But, Sustainable Renton doesn’t have a tangible “product” that we can advertise per se. We don’t have videos of folks taste testing our homemade brews. We don’t have photos of kids with our t-shirts on. We don’t have artistic renditions of our pets for sale. So, what then, is Sustainable Renton’s “product”?

While looking in Merriam-Webster, one definition of the word product is: the number or expression resulting from the multiplication together of two or more numbers or expressions. This is obviously a mathematical definition of the word, but I think it fits for what we have to offer.  Our product comes after our hard work.  Our product is the result of two or more people gathering together for a common purpose and to make something amazing happen. We offer the ability to create something larger than individuals are capable of creating alone-a type of multiplication process.

Our product, so far, has been the emergence of a Community Farm. This was an amazing effort by a group of individuals that came together to create a space where food can be grown and community can be built.

We have the beginnings of the Renton Food Co-Op-an effort that will bring a place for people to buy local and organic foods and become more educated about how to live healthier lives.

We have Meaningful Movies of Renton-a once a month gathering of folks that watch a documentary film and have roundtable community discussions about the topic discussed.

We have the Sustainable Renton Study Group which is a once a month meeting of folks who want to learn about the systemic reasons for the dilemmas that our planet faces and are discussing how to take positive action to help create change and live a more sustainable life.

From the very first meeting between Chris Conkling and Michelle Kelley in August of 2010, Sustainable Renton has stayed true to its mission and that is to foster a healthier community and planet. Our Board has grown, our ideas have taken shape, we have learned a lot and are anxious to continue to make things happen in Renton. With more people showing up and offering their skills and time to our organization, our ability to reach more people in our community grows.

So, if you would like to be a part of the magnificence of multiplication that is occurring at Sustainable Renton we would love to hear from you. The best part about the products that we offer is that they are free and available to any who want it.

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Sustainable Renton is fostering a healthier community and planet.

2 thoughts on “A x B = ?”

  1. In some ways isn’t the product “community”. You are advertising an opportunity for participation and trying to bring people together for participation. Their currency is their time, the return they get is opportunity, relationships and education?

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