Meaningful Movies of Renton has a New Home

Meaningful Movies of Renton has joined forces with Luther’s Table. We will now be hosting our events in a new venue. Luther’s Table is a beautiful space that offers a welcoming environment for our community documentary film viewing, and they serve delicious beverages.

Our new day will be the last Tuesday of every month at 7 pm.

We will be starting the year out with a series of films covering the topic of alternative economics. Tomorrow night, January 27th, we will show two short films-Sacred Economics, which highlights the ideas of economist and activist Charles Eisenstein, followed by Prosperity Without Growth, which is a TED Talk given by Tim Jackson, a professor of sustainable development and an economist.

Then, on February 24th we will show Shift Change. This film shows the amazing economic transformation that Cooperatives have had on the Mondragon Region of Spain.

On March 31st we will show The Economics of Happiness, this film describes the effects of globalization on culture, peoples ability to achieve happiness and what we can do to change it.

Our community discussions after the films will always concentrate on what positive steps we can take to make a difference within our neighborhoods as well as ourselves.

Our goal is to educate and empower folks using the tool of film. An educated populace makes richer, more intentional communities for Renton.

The address of Luther’s Table is:

429 S. 2nd St Renton, Wa 98057

See you there!meaningfulmovieslogo

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