Permaculture Garden Design 101

Permaculture is an ideology that addresses how to grow community at every level and facet-from agriculture, architecture to relationships. Believe it or not the same priciples that apply to having an abundant garden also reap benefits for cultivating healthy interactions and connections with those around us. The basis of these priciples are all rooted in sustainability and resilience.

This workshop will focus on implementing resilience, diversity and abundance into your backyard garden, and who knows, maybe into your daily life.

Paul St. Laurent is certified in Permaculture Design and will share his experience and knowledge with us on how to make our gardens more productive and ultimately, less work.

This event will be on April 30th @ 1:00pm at St. Matthew’s Lutheran CHurch. 1700 Edmonds Ave NE, Renton, WA 98056. No registration required.

This workshop is FREE, however, donations are gratefully accepted.

Garden Planning with Lina

This workshop will be the first of a 6-part series focused on how to create an abundant harvest in the garden and the possibilities of what to do with the abundance.

We will first talk about garden planning, amending the soil and seed starting.

Lina Pogosov is a local expert in gardening and will be sharing her experience and knowledge with us on what we can do to get our gardens off to a great start this season. This will be a hands on workshop, suitable for all ages.

This workshop is free and everyone is welcome. Donations gratefully accepted.

Volunteer of the week: Judy H

Judy Holcomb SRCF Garden Manager

Judy started gardening at Sustainable Renton Community Farm a few years back. She made herself available to act as Garden Manager shortly thereafter and she has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to our organization. Judy is dedicated, hard working and loves to garden.

Thanks to Judy for all of her work at the garden. She has added her skills and strengths in a way that make the garden run smoothly. It is not an easy task to keep the garden operating. From the constant deer repelling to morning glory hashing to pathway weed intrusion, compost turning, cardboard and burlap acquisition, port o potty cleaning and wood chip hauling, there is never a dull moment in the life of a garden manager and Judy is pulling it off without so much as a hitch. Great job Judy!!

A quick shout out to the assistant Garden Manager, Ed Dilag, who has been indispensable this year and will have his own feature very soon. Thanks Ed!

St. Matthew’s and Sustainable Renton collaborate for a Holiday Gala

This holiday season we will be raising funds to support the Free Grocery Store. Our Grocery Store is currently held in the parking lot of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church every Monday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. We serve 115 cars every week on average. These cars sometimes collect food for multiple families. This service is so crucial during these uncertain times.

Funds will go to support all of the operational expenses of the grocery store. We have equipment rental fees, insurance fees, volunteer appreciation funds, contract labor fees, weekly purchases for ice during the summer months, bleach, gloves, sponges, masks, paper and canvas bags, feminine hygiene products, baby items, etc.

We are asking for services and items for our auction and community participation in spreading the word.

Snacks and drinks provided, entertainment and fun to be had for all.

For donated items please contact

Volunteer of the Week: Julie Johnston

Julie Johnston

Julie J has been volunteering for the Free Grocery Store since it first started happening in the parking lot at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in July of 2020. Julie is the coordinator of the bakery section every Monday and works the line to hand out pastries, breads, cakes, rolls, and tortillas. Julie’s great attitude and willingness to serve are infectious and so appreciated! Thank you Julie for all that you do!

Volunteer of the Week: David

David Hackney is a member of the Washington House of Representatives from the 11th District. Our Free Grocery Store lies in the center of the district David represents. He has been volunteering weekly since he first heard about our project. It is truly inspiring to see politicians that are not afraid to get in the middle of the community and have their boots on the ground in helping their community.

Thank you David!!

Volunteer of the week: Steve

Steve Randolph: Volunteer of the week

Steve Randolph is the current acting President of Sustainable Renton. He has been invaluable to our organization during this crazy time of COVID and before. Steve has put in a tireless effort since 2010 when we began. He is not only volunteer of the week, he could easily be volunteer of the decade. Thanks for all you do for us Steve.