Are you looking for a way to get involved in your community? Do you care about the environment, eating locally, building community? Do you have skills or  a talent you would like to put to use? Sustainable Renton would love to help you to get involved with our work.

Please read below for specific ways that you can volunteer with our organization. Whether you have a little or a lot of time, we can find a way to get you involved!

Please e-mail us directly at sustainablerenton@gmail.com

Thank you.


Sustainable Renton Community Farm is always looking for volunteers to weed, water, turn compost piles or lay wood chips on the garden paths. Any of these jobs can happen on any day for any amount of time that you might have available.

Sustainable Renton Farm Stand is looking for volunteers to harvest produce to sell at the farm stand on the second and fourth Friday from June through September. The stand will be erected in front of the Renton Senior Activity Center located in downtown Renton. This task would take approximately two hours on Friday mornings so that the produce is available by 1 pm. This job requires some basic knowledge of what is ready for harvest.

The farm stand also needs volunteers to be at the farm stand for approximately 1 hour chunks of time. This job entails handling money and bagging up produce for customers. This job is currently at the Renton Senior Center the first and third Friday of the month from 12-1. We are adding a second venue this year on the first Wednesday of the month from May through October in front of Brewmaster’s Taproom from 5pm-7pm. Any help is welcomed with this as well.

The Little Mountain Garden on Earlington Hill This new garden site will require lots of hours to get implemented work parties are on scheduled days and times. Please contact us directly for the most current information.

Sustainable Renton Board of Directors:

Our Board of Directors ensures that the activities, projects, and actions or our organization follow the Mission and Vision of Sustainable Renton.  We welcome the expertise, energy, and time of individuals that would like to become more deeply involved in how our non-profit runs.

We particularly seek individuals with expertise in the following areas:

– Volunteer coordinator. This role would entail recruiting volunteers to help for either the community farm or food co-op projects. Experience with volunteer recruitment with non-profits is preferred, but not required.

– Grant-writing coordinator. This role would involve researching possible grants for our many projects and writing grant proposals to be reviewed by the Sustainable Renton board. Experience with grant-writing is highly beneficial, but not required.

 Fundraising coordinator. This role would involve working with the Sustainable Renton board to develop fundraising sources to support our projects-these sources could include events, private donors, matching donation programs. Experience with fundraising is preferred, but not required.

  • Media Specialist. We would love to have someone who has a few hours a month to dedicate to the upkeep of our website. Making sure the information available is accurate and timely.


One thought on “Volunteer”

  1. Well, I have to move to Sequim to take care of my elderly parents. I’ve got 0.27 acres of permaculture yard and house to rent or sell. I have a PDC from Geoff Lawton and have guilded the mature fruit trees. 7 kinds of berries, medicinal and culinary herbs, room for at least 12 nesting boxes, fully fenced yard (I walk in food!) House is 960 square feet with a wood stove; 3 bed rooms 1 bath. If interested call 970-433-0847. Thanks, Bonnie Poole

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